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Finnish sauna

On the third floor of the hotel, there is sauna equipped with tropical rain equipment and a tube with cool water. The sauna is rented exclusively for closed company from 2 to 4 people.

Sauna opening hours: 8.00 a.m. – 10.00 p.m.

Price for rental of the whole sauna for 90 minutes:  2 - 4  people 890 CZK

You can order private rental of the sauna at the reception desk - phone No. 00420494534619. You have possibility to buy prepaid vouchers.


Sauna bathing rules:

Consult your doctor if sauna-bathing is suitable for you, if it is not dangerous. People suffering from heart or kidney diseases should not use sauna unless express consent of their doctor.

Reserve enough time for regeneration of your forces, at least 90 minutes, but two hours are ideal. You shouldn´t visit sauna neither on a full stomach nor hungry.

It is unconditionally essential to have a shower before sauna bathing. If you use creams and make-up it is necessary to wash yourselves carefully, preferably with a soap, and to have a shower so as your skin would be ready for sauna bathing. We don´t recommend to use any clothes for sweating and relaxation. If you are alone in sauna room have the phone always at get-at-able place. At first fill the tube with cold water.

Sweating: set temperature in a sweating room according to your habits but not less than 80 degrees Celsius. Use sandglass placed inside sauna for measuring of sweating time.  We recommend from 8 to 10 minutes for beginners. For the others the period of sweating could be from 10 to 15 minutes. In any case everyone should leave a sweating room always when he feels sick or he feels that sweating is sufficient.

During sweating period lie down or sit down and breathe by nose on principle. In case of need  douse hot stones with water with aromatic essence. It is possible to massage skin of upper and lower extremities with washcloth or brush.

As soon as time for body sweating passes, leave sweating room and take a shower with cold water. Use a hand-held shower or tropical rain equipment. If you use only shower for cooling, have a shower for few minutes, maximally for 5 minutes. If you use a bath with cold water moreover  do it only for a short period so that cooling will  be still pleasant and you will not suffer from hypothermia. For all wet processes, especially for cooling with snow, use exclusively elevated part  tiled with mozaic, never the part appointed for relaxation.

Specialists recommend to have a massage after first sweating.

After each sweating and cooling you have to relax sufficiently, not less than 15 minutes. For this purpose use a relaxation part of the room with deckchairs and recliners. It is very convenient to replace lost fluid sweated from body by drinking mineral water or fruit juices. Spirits, especially hard spirits markedly degrade effects of sauna bathing.

We differentiate several types of sauna bathing by a number of repeating of alternation of sweating and cooling  and by resultant effect:

once – irritative,
twice – refreshing,
three times – comforting,
four times – inhibitive,
five times and more – it is not correct sauna-bathing and for that reason we do not recommend that.

We wish you to have a pleasant relaxation in our sauna.

As it is necessary to preheat sauna, please always order private rental at hotel reception desk (phone No. 00420494534619) at least half an hour in advance.